About Us

How We Started

Hotel Super 8 is a family run hotel that began with just 8 rooms. We have been honored to serve the travelers of Skpoje for 10 years, and because of your loyalty we have grown to 30 rooms and continue to expand. Our family continues to be involved in the hotel and we look forward to greeting you on your next visit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space that makes visiting our capital city accessible to all. Our guests reflect the commerce and sights of the area that surround Hotel Super 8. As such, we aim to reflect the needs of our guests by creating rooms that will accommodate any traveler. Whether you are here for business, an adventurer traveling alone, or a group of family or friends we have a room for you.


We offer you a complimentary breakfast buffet filled with local cuisine, Wi-Fi, parking and laundry services. In addition, we have safes to secure your valuables, and storage for your belongings if Skpoje is the base for your travels throughout Macedonia.









We eagerly await your visit

If there are any questions feel free to contact us.